All Things Fall Leaves in Kansas City! | Catherine Colwell
Catherine Owens

All Things Fall Leaves in Kansas City!



Kansas City, it’s time for fall foliage! We’ve got your ultimate guide to fall leaves, from where the best Instagram-worthy photos are to what to do with all of those leaves in your yard.

This year, we can expect peak fall colors around October 22nd. Here are just a few of the best places to snap a photo:

Looking for a mini-fall getaway? Midwest Living has 30 great fall getaways.

Getting to see fall leaves is always a favorite fall activity; however, knowing what to do with all of those leaves in your yard is another story. We asked Zaarly expert Caleb Kangas what to do with all of those leaves.

“It is best for the lawn to continue to mow and mulch the leaves on a weekly basis,” Caleb Kangas owner of Dynamic Earth Lawn & Landscape on Zaarly, said. “This allows the most nutrients to return back to the soil and helps to hold moisture in as we enter the drier season of late fall. After all the leaves have fallen, it is good to do a final mulching of your leaves. If there is still a thin layer of leaves on the ground, you can bag them on the final time. This is only necessary when there are so many leaves that they will block sunlight from coming in contact with the grass and then, in turn, kill the grass.”

And, of course, you can always make a big pile and jump right in!

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